MATLAB - Campus Licence

Following an agreement with MathWorks, the University has activated the MATLAB Campus licence, thanks to which all academic staff, researchers, technical and administrative staff, and students can install the MATLAB and Simulink applications on their computers and follow online training courses free of charge.

What is it?

MATLAB is a development environment for numerical computing, statistical analysis and simulation, used by millions of people worldwide, in industry and universities, for applications in the fields of Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Medicine and Biology. Simulink is a graphic environment for multi-domain simulation and Model-Based Design, integrated with MATLAB.

Who can use it?

The software is available to all members of the University of Bologna community: academic staff, researchers, technical and administrative staff, and students, by using their username and password ( or

Installation methods

To install the software on your computer, please refer to the portal for the University of Bologna. The software is available for different operating systems.

For installations in teaching laboratories, please contact 

What does the licence include?

The campus licence includes the MATLAB and Simulink applications as well as a toolbox.

The complete list is available on the portal for the University of Bologna. The licence includes technical support from MathWorks (using the email address

Online training courses are available free of charge.

What are the usage limits?

Its use is only permitted for teaching or public research activities (the result must be public and not exclusive to one company). Therefore, it may not be used for commercial activities.

The computers on which the software is installed must be either owned by the University of Bologna or be personal computers. Installation on computers of other bodies or research centres is not permitted, even if the University has ongoing collaborations with them.