What happens if you fail the test or the chosen programme does not meet your expectations?

What happens if you fail the test

It may happen that you fail the admission test: consider it an opportunity to explore new avenues and expand your skills. 

You can implement several strategies:

  • Alternative degree programmes
    Talk to the people in the guidance service for  help in making an alternative choice of a course closer to your interests.
  • Retake the test the following year
    Consider enrolling in degree courses that are close to the one you were interested in, so that you can prepare for the test content in case you want to retake it in the following year, and inquire about the possibility of having some exams validated.

If you enrol in a programme that does not meet your expectations

Have you enrolled in a programme that does not correspond to your interests? Take a moment to reflect.

  • Analyses your difficulties
    If you are experiencing difficulties with the programme you have chosen, assess whether they are due to a lack of background knowledge, an inadequate study method or incompatibility with the teaching content. This initial understanding will help you identify areas for improvement.
  • Experiment with other disciplines to identify your passions and skills
    Consider taking a few classes in other disciplines to better understand your inclinations and interests. Think about which subjects you are most passionate about: understanding what you might like and be interested in is very important in order to find the right course of study for you.
  • Reconsider your study path
    If, upon reflection, you feel that your current degree programme does not meet your expectations, it may be time to reconsider your study path. Talk to the guidance service to explore other options, change your study path or get advice on your specific situation. With appropriate strategies, your university experience will better reflect your passions and goals.