Eduroam - Education Roaming

Eduroam - Education Roaming is a service offering safe wireless access to the user network of the international scientific community.
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The users of an institution belonging to EduRoam, including the University of Bologna, visiting another member institution, are able to use the local wireless network using their own credentials (username and password), without any other formalities at the host institution.


The service is available to teaching staff and researchers, research fellows, PhD students, technical and administrative staff and students of the University of Bologna.

How to use it

To use the service, there are no special settings, the protocols used are WPA2/AES (WPA2 Enterprise) or WPA/TKIP.
The technical characteristics of the wireless connection offered by Eduroam are similar to those of ALMAWIFI, the difference being the ID of the wireless network to connect to, and is eduroam everywhere: for local access, you will be securely authenticated by the University server.
The implementation of each institution may differ in some details.