UniboCultura initiatives

Exhibitions, concerts, master classes, conferences, ongoing events in visual arts, music, cinema, dance, theatre, poetry and scientific popularization: the University of Bologna’s engagement with the public offers all this.

Our University’s mission has always included a fundamental role whereby it promotes cultural events directed firstly at students but also at other kinds of public participation.

UniboCultura gathers in one ample programme all the non-specialistic events organised and promoted by the University and its various structures, often in collaboration with other cultural entities – plus institutional and economic actors – from its surrounding community. 

Every year, the Alma Mater organizes several cultural events intersecting all its fields of study: literature, art, philosophy, science, digital technology, law and medicine. UniboCultura events bring these diverse subject areas together around current issues and topics.

UniboCultura Online Events

A receptacle of cultural proposals in digital format offered by the University and its structures: compilations, meetings and events that can be enjoyed remotely. Dates and an archive with the videos of the past initiatives can be found on the website.

UniboCultura Online Events

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