Unibo for refugees

A project promoted by the University of Bologna and the Municipality of Bologna for the integration of refugee students in the university world.

Renewal of Unibo for Refugees study grants awarded in A.Y. 2017/18

The University of Bologna offers Unibo for Refugees study grants for A.Y. 2018/19 reserved for students who were awarded a Unibo for Refugees study grant for A.Y. 2017/18. 

In order to obtain the renewal you must apply by the deadlines set in the call for applications. Renewals are not awarded automatically.


You can apply for the Unibo for Refugees renewal if:

  • you have been awarded a Unibo for Refugees study grant for A.Y. 2017/18;
  • you comply with the requirements for the payment of the third installment set in the Unibo for Refugees call for applications, for A.Y. 2017/18;
  • you will regularly enrol for A.Y. 2018/19.

The ranking list will be drawn up on the basis of credits accrued by 15 July 2018.

Timing and methods

  • Publication of the call for applications: 14 June 2018 
  • Applications deadline: 13 July 2018 at 11.15 am (CET)
  • Publication of results: August 2018

You can find more information in the call for applications.

Enrolling in single learning activities, A.Y. 2018/19

Enrolment of asylum seekers students in single learning activities will be possible for the second semester of the academic year 2018/19. More information will be available on this page from November 2018.