Unibo for Refugees

A project promoted by the University of Bologna and the Municipality of Bologna for the integration of refugee students in the university world.

Obtaining political refugee status is a process that can take several months, as the asylum-seeker has to wait for his or her case to come before the Territorial Commission.

The Unibo project aims to make this long wait for the recognition of refugee status useful.

The doors of the university are now open to asylum-seekers. The International Desk organises orientation interviews for students interested in enrolling at Unibo and examines their school certificates and academic qualifications. Students will have the possibility of enrolling for single learning activities and Italian courses with exemption from fees; an opportunity to fill learning gaps and get a preliminary taste of the subjects awaiting them in the degree programmes. And, perhaps just as important, the enrolment will give asylum-seekers the chance to become part of the student community and to begin to understand how the university is organised and get to know what services it provides, its programme catalogue and teaching methods, thus enabling them to decide whether this is the place for them to reconstruct their future.

On obtaining international protection the students will be able to enrol in the degree programme, with the credits they have already obtained counting towards the degree. Unibo for Refugees thanks to the collaboration with ER.GO accompanies them also in this phase, with a dedicated support to carry out the admission process to degree programmes and to access ER.GO benefits. Unibo also finances scholarships and related catering services, which are awarded through the ER.GO calls for applications.

Enrolling in single learning activities, a.y. 2022/23

If you hold a residence permit as an asylum seeker (“richiesta asilo” – asylum request) or for temporary protection (DPCM 28 March 2022), you can enrol in single learning activities with full exemption from the payment of the contribution. You only have to pay the insurance premium of €1.04 and the stamp duty of €16.

In order to enrol you must also demonstrate with appropriate certification that you have attended Italian courses at least at level A2. Unibo gives you the opportunity to participate free of charge in ICoN online self-study L2 Italian courses. Attention: level A1 does not allow you to enrol. Alternatively, you can access the MOOC Modern Languages ITA101 available on the Unibook site (Unibo Open Knowledge).

This certification is also required for enrolling in single learning activities taught in English.

The enrolment can be done with documentation related to the qualification more simplified than that laid down in the instructions (see documents to be submitted), but you must do an interview and a verification of the qualifications at the International Desk. The interviews will start in October 2022. To schedule an interview, send an e-mail to internationaldesk@unibo.it

If you are already enrolled in single learning activities in a.y. 2021/22 or if you already have all the documents, you can go directly to the Student Administration Office to register.

Unibo for Refugees scholarships awarded by ER.GO

Every year Unibo finances 12 scholarships and related catering services for students holding international protection. Scholarships are awarded through the general calls for applications for ER.GO scholarships. Therefore to obtain the scholarships you need to submit the application, according to the regular procedures and within the deadlines set by ER.GO for the scholarships.

Unibo for Refugees study awards, a.y. 2022/23

Unibo offers deserving refugee students, already winners of the ER.GO or CRUI scholarships, 10 study awards of a gross amount of €2,500 each.


You ca apply for Unibo for Refugees study awards if:

  • you hold a residence permit for international protection (political asylum, subsidiary protection, humanitarian reasons) or temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens;
  • you are regularly enrolled in a first, second or single cycle Degree programme at Unibo for a.y. 2022/23;
  • you are a winner of the ER.GO or CRUI scholarship in the a.y. 2022/23;
  • you will be in possession of the merit requirements for the balance of the ER.GO or CRUI scholarship, for a.y. 2022/23.

Times and methods

  • Publication of the call for applications: to be defined
  • Applications deadline: to be defined
  • Publication of results: to be defined

You will find more information in the call for applications.