@unibo.it institutional credentials

The @unibo.it institutional credentials are used by teaching staff, technical and administrative staff, research fellows, PhD students and collaborators of the University of Bologna to access the on-line services. The institutional credentials comprise a username and a password.

Is it the first time you access an online service?

If you are using your university credentials (name.surname@unibo.it) for the first time and you want to access an online service, you must set a password that will give you access to all services.

If you haven’t done this already, go to http://www.dsa.unibo.it and enter your username (name.surname@unibo.it) and your original password (PUK - Personal Unblocking Key) that were originally sent to you.

If you don’t know your original password and you have a SPID or CIE digital identity you can use the credentials recovery service to reset your password. Alternatively, send an email to assistenza.cesia@unibo.it.

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it using the credentials recovery service using also your SPID or CIE digital identity.