Postgraduate internships

Postgraduate internships can be carried out by recent graduates within 12 months from graduation.


With Decree 82 of 17 May 2020, Regione Emilia Romagna  authorities have approved the restart of on-site postgraduate internships from 18 May, […] as long as the promoter, host and intern agree on the restart, and without prejudice to the option of starting or continuing to carry out the internship remotely; in any case, on-site internships must comply with the technical and operational instructions set by national guidelines or regional protocols applicable to the sector or specific location where the activity is due to take place...' 

To start or restart 'on-site' internships, internship offices must receive notification  via email of the intern and host’s intention of choosing this option and of the date on which the internship activity will restart. Subsequently, offices must ask the Tutor’s approval.  On-site internships may restart only if all three parties (intern, university tutor, hosting structure) agree to do so.

Lastly, hosting structures are reminded of the importance of following the safety rules and the specific emergency phase regulations, explaining the Company Safety Protocol to interns and providing them with the protective equipment necessary to carry out the internship activities safely.


Postgraduate internships are aimed at establishing a direct contact between interns and host organizations or companies. Graduates can develop personal and professional skills and enhance their employability by gaining knowledge through a practical experience in their chosen field.

Postgraduate internships consist of a period of training that does not constitute a working relationship.

The University of Bologna manages only postgraduate internships carried out in Emilia Romagna.

Postgraduate internships located in other Italian regions are promoted in compliance with their regional laws and through Authorised Entities (e.g. Job Centres, Recruitment Agencies, Training Institutions).

Postgraduate experiences abroad are regulated by national laws (generally without the involvement of the graduate’s University of origin) or by specific international programmes.


Graduates are eligible if they have obtained a qualification (first cycle degree, second cycle degree, specialization school, PhD programme degree, professional Master’s programme – first or second level) within the past 12 months.

Internships cannot be activated in favour of professionals certified or qualified for regulated professions in relation to activities typically reserved to the profession.


The following information concerns only internships carried out in Emilia-Romagna.

The new regional regulation (no. 1/2019) introduces some changes that require the trainee, the hosting structure and the promoting entity to all have access to the regional platform “Lavoro per te”.

Postgraduate internships must start within 12 months from graduation and must involve interns who have not worked for the host structure within the past two years, neither as employees, nor with any other form of contract.

Internship offers and the list of organizations and public bodies that accept speculative applications are available on the Online Internship Service for students.

The content and the objectives of the internship are to be agreed by the intern, the Contact Person from the host organization and a University Professor indicated as “Teaching/Academic Coordinator”. 

In order to begin an internship, it is mandatory to create an agreement between the University and the host organization and to write an individual training programme stating all the activities and the tasks that the intern will carry out.

The individual internship training project must contain:

  • the details of the intern;
  • the details of the tutors;
  • the details of the host organization;
  • the qualification of the SRQ Regional System to which the internship refers and the competence units acquired by the intern during the experience;
  • the objectives of the internship and the procedures for carrying it out according to the Regional Qualifications System (SRQ);
  • the details of the INAIL accident insurance and the third party liability insurance;
  • the Certification Authority for the internship.

The document must be signed by all the parties involved.


The minimum duration of postgraduate internships within the same host structure is 2 months; the maximum is 6 months (extensions included). There is no trial period.


The monthly remuneration for internships carried out in Emilia Romagna cannot be less than 450 €.


Internships cannot start without preventive authorisation from the Regional Employment Agency.

Certification of skills and competences

Each internship must finish with a certification of skills and competences acquired by the intern.

The certification institutions of the region Emilia-Romagna provide this certificate.