Agreements and publication of internship offers

Procedures for formalising a collaboration with the University of Bologna and publishing internship offers.

Organisations and bodies interested in hosting as interns:

  • students: must register with the Online Internship Service for organisations and sign an agreement for the performance of internship activities over a three-year period;
  • recent graduates: if the internship takes place in Emilia Romagna, they must register with the Online Internship Service for organisations and sign an agreement for each internship in compliance with the procedures established by the Emilia Romagna Region.
    If the internship takes place in another Italian region, please check whether the whole process can be managed by the University of Bologna or whether it has to be managed by another body (e.g. "Centro per l'impiego");
  • recent graduates in psychology for vocational internships: in addition to the agreement, the organisation must be eligible for such internships.

After signing the agreement, the organisation or body can access the Online Internship Service for organisations and publish internship offers.