Insurance for students

Information about the insurance service of the University of Bologna.

All students regularly enrolled to a degree programme at the University of Bologna are insured against accidents (except risk during the journey between home and work).

Recipients of the insurance policy

The information described below is for all students enrolled to first, second and single cycle degree programmes, professional master's programmes, PhD programmes, post-graduate courses, summer and winter schools and non-medical specialisation schools. 

For students registered to a medical specialisation school, the coverage is limited to teaching activities only, excluding all activities performed in clinical or other healthcare facilities.
More information on insurance coverage for students enrolled to medical specialisation school.

Validity of the insurance policy

The insurance policy covers events occurring during institutional activities run by the University of Bologna, even outside of university premises, provided the activity is authorized formally and in advance by the competent academic heads, offices or bodies according to laws and regulations. Strict compliance with the necessary procedures is the only way to automatically activate the insurance coverage.

For information purposes, the Insurance Office can issue a statement confirming the insurance cover for activities outside of university premises upon request. Students can request this statement by writing to and to the competent administrative office(s), providing the following information: name and surname, student enrolment number, when and where the activity will take place, the office/body that issued the authorization and – if available – the authorization reference number (or a copy thereof).

What to do in the event of an injury

In the event of an injury, the person(s) injured shall duly:

  1. submit the medical report from A&E to the Affiliation Structure (School or Department) – who will file an INAIL report and comply with any other requirement within the terms established by law, and notify the Insurance Contracts Unit;
  2. fill in the injury form (in Italian) [.doc] to activate the private insurance cover Aig. This form can be returned to the Affiliation Structure (who will send it to our office) or to the Insurance Contracts Unit, within 30 days from the date the injury occurred.

The report in point 2 will not be taken into consideration if the report mentioned in point 1 was not submitted to the Affiliation Structure. 

In the event of presumed HIV virus contamination

In the event of presumed HIV virus contamination during institutional activities, the incident must be reported by telegram or fax within 3 days to Aig Europe Limited, prima Chartis 
Via della Chiusa 2, 20123 Milan
f.a.o. Incidents Department 
Fax 02 3690222
At the same time, a detailed description of the event must be sent by registered letter. 
All documents must also be sent for information to the Insurance Contracts Unit also by fax or e-mail, not necessarily by registered letter. 
Claims must be accompanied by a medical certificate issued by the Accident and Emergency department, and a statement from the person in charge of the facility confirming the event. The persons in charge shall therefore draft this declaration and deliver it to the persons concerned and/or the Insurance Contracts Unit.