Copper-Based Flow Batteries for energy storage renewables integration


The CuBER project proposes the validation of a promising RFB technology, the all-copper redox flow battery (CuRFB), able to cover a wide range of the aforementioned market applications due to its simple, modular and scalable design, security and sustainability. Firstly, a 5kWDC CuRFB pilot will be designed for its integration in Smart Cities and residential self-consumption market segments within the CuBER action. Subsequently, the planning of further developments will allow its application at larger scales, both as back-up power system in isolated areas (i.e. copper mining) and for energy management and grid balancing in renewable power production. CuBER thus focuses first on improving the infrastructures for renewables self-consumption and grid integration within the Smart Cities and Net Zero Buildings concepts. It seeks to unify the expertise of different European actors in the field of Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Energy Storage, Electronics, Process Engineering, Smart Sensors, IoT´s and Solar Power Industries with the objective of deploying functional pilots capable of validating an holistic and innovative way of producing and consuming renewable energy in urban, rural and industrial areas all around the EU, that will change the actual O&M; paradigm, increasing significantly the competitiveness of RFB energy storage solutions in the global energy sector and creating new business opportunities for the companies involved.

Project details

Unibo Team Leader: Catia Arbizzani

Unibo involved Department/s:
Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician"

Aarhus Universitet(Denmark)

Other Participants:
Endef Engineering Sl (Spain)
Università  degli Studi di CAGLIARI (Italy)
Visblue Aps (Denmark)
ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - Università di Bologna (Italy)
Aalto University Foundation (Finland)
N Vision Systems And Technologies Sl (Spain)
Asociation Espanola Para La Internacionalizacion Y La Innovacion De Las Empresas Solares - Solartys (Spain)
University College Cork (Ireland)
Fraunhofer Ipa (Germany)
ITRB Group (Cyprus)

Total Eu Contribution: Euro (EUR) 3.999.823,75
Project Duration in months: 48
Start Date: 01/01/2020
End Date: 31/12/2023

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Affordable and clean energy This project contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

UE flag This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875605