Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain


The overall aim of the REFRESH project is to contribute significantly towards the objective of reducing food waste across the EU by 30% by 2025 (which amounts to between 25 to 40 million tonnes of food not being wasted in 2025[1], worth tens of billions of Euros a year) and maximizing the value from unavoidable food waste and packaging materials. To achieve this ambitious goal, we will adopt a systemic approach and use cutting edge science to enable action by businesses, consumers and public authorities. A central ambition of the REFRESH project is to develop a ‘Framework for Action’ model that is based on strategic agreements across all stages of the supply chain (backed by Governments), delivered through collaborative working and supported by evidence-based tools to allow targeted, cost effective interventions. Success will support transformation towards a more sustainable and secure EU food system, benefitting Europe’s economy, environment and society.

Project details

Unibo Team Leader: Matteo Vittuari

Unibo involved Department/s:
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agro-Alimentari

Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (Dlo Food And Biobased)(Netherlands)

Other Participants:
Newcastle University (United Kingdom)
Centre De Recerca En Economia I Desenvolupament Agroalimentari-Upc-Irta (Spain)
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (Austria)
ACEF-All-China Environment Federation (China)
ECOLOGIC INSTITUT gemeinnützige GmbH (Germany)
Wu Wageningen Universiteit (Netherlands)
Global Feedback Limited (United Kingdom)
Best Foot Forward (United Kingdom)
Rise Research Institutes Of Sweden Ab - Rise (Sweden)
MAGYAR ELELMISZERBANK EGYESULET - Hungarian Food Bank Association (Hungary)
Institute of Food Research (United Kingdom)
Unep-United Nations Environment Programme (Kenya)
Gs1 Aisbl (Belgium)
European Food Information Ressource Aisbl (Belgium)
Syddansk Universitet (Denmark)
ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - Università di Bologna (Italy)
The Waste And Resources Action Programme Lbg (United Kingdom)
Institute Of Geographical Sciences And Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy Of Sciences (China)
Bio Intelligence Service Sa (France)
Unep/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre On Sustainable Consumption And Production Ggmbh-Cscp (Germany)
Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia)
Ivl Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Sweden)
Bactevo Limited (United Kingdom)
Provalor Bv (Netherlands)
Vacuvita Holding B.V. (Netherlands)

Total Eu Contribution: Euro (EUR) 8.999.757,79
Project Duration in months: 48
Start Date: 01/07/2015
End Date: 30/06/2019

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Responsible consumption and production This project contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

UE flag This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 641933