Fork-to-farm agent-based simulation tool augmenting BIOdiversity in the agri-food VALUE chain


The approach of BIOVALUE project is to set-up a holistic perspective, under the “multi-actor” approach, to analyse the link between biodiversity, the agro-food value chain agents, the environment, consumer food preferences and health. By employing a bottom-up vertical approach to develop the BIOVALUE TOOL, a dynamic and customizable agri-food value chain vis-a-vis biodiversity analysis tool, the proposal tries to introduce, model, evaluate, breed, produce and spread specifically selected genetically diverse underutilized crops (cereals, legumes, leafy and fruity vegetables) and develop final marketable, certified and labelled culinary products incorporating them (dish recipes and processed foodstuff), that enhance agro-biodiversity to the applied agro-ecosystems and appeal to the consumers, securing their future market performance and concurrently, their cultivation viability. Moreover, in a modelled userfriendly ready-to-work framework, the project will produce a set of key performance indicators destined to measure policy quality and impact, environmental evolution and compliance with regulations of introducing underutilized, genetically diverse crops to the value chain and are by design expandable to further enhance biodiversity in the value chain. Ultimately, this expanding nature, is highlighted by the complimentary effects of BIOVALUE processed and unprocessed final food products and dishes such as low energy consumption, environmental cultivation resiliency to marginal landscapes and future climate, as well as nutritional and health benefits. Incorporating the market power in the whole approach, the proposal can lead towards self-supported sustainability of biodiversity in the future.

Project details

Unibo Team Leader: Giulio Malorgio

Unibo involved Department/s:
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agro-Alimentari

Aristotele University Of Thessaloniki(Greece)

Other Participants:
Axia Innovation Ug (Germany)
Technologiko Panepistimio Kyprou-Cyprus University Of Technology-Cut (Cyprus)
Ecozept France (France)
Georgian Farmers Association (Georgia)
Mediterranean Agronomic Institute Of Chania (Greece)
Eco-Sensus Kutato, Oktato Es Kommunikacios Non Profit Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag (Hungary)
CAPNUTRA - Capacity development in Nutrition (Serbia)
Solintagro Sl (Spain)
EGE University (Turkey)
Bioland Beratung Gmbh (Germany)
Estonian University Of Life Sciences (Estonia)
Idener Research & Development Agrupacion De Interes Economico (Spain)
ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - Università di Bologna (Italy)
Confagricoltura-Confederazione Generale dell’Agricoltura Italiana (Italy)
Justus Liebig Universitat (Germany)
Norwegian institute of Bioeconomy Research - NIBIO (Norway)

Total Eu Contribution: Euro (EUR) 5.993.562,50
Project Duration in months: 48
Start Date: 01/10/2021
End Date: 30/09/2025

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UE flag This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101000499