Horizon Europe@Unibo

The University of Bologna for Horizon Europe, the European research and innovation funding programme.

The new Horizon Europe European Framework Programme, from 2021 to 2027, is the most ambitious European funding programme to date.

For some time now, the University of Bologna has been revising its strategic and organisational guidelines in preparation for the new Horizon Europe framework programme.

To this end, it started by actively and proactively participating in the co-design process, initiated in 2018 by the European Commission, to devise the new programme and its strategic and implementation guidelines.

Additionally, internal initiatives have been organised with the aim of supporting competitive research, facilitating the online sharing of internal competences and external collaborations, extending the participation of research groups to European funding opportunities, and preparing the academic and support personnel community for the challenges of this framework programme.

This led to establishing the HorizonEurope@Unibo Plan: a series of events that over the period between June and December 2020 included 19 meetings with approximately 3000 registrations, which will continue in 2021. The topics discussed during the meetings relate to the structure of the programme and its new aspects such as partnerships and mission, planning techniques, in-depth exploration of Open Access and Open Data, its impact, privacy and gender issues, citizens’ involvement in research funded by Horizon Europe.

All details of the HorizonEurope@Unibo Plan are available on the University’s Intranet (accessible using University of Bologna credentials).

Open Science is certainly among the focus points: the University of Bologna has long included Open Science in its 2019-2021 strategical plan and has set out a University policy based on open access to research publications and data.