Energy Efficient Converters using GaN Power Devices

This project targets the demonstration of GaN-on-Si as a disruptive High Voltage (HV) technology (Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs) and High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs)) through the whole value chain up to demonstrators with high industrial, societal and environmental relevance. More precisely the character will be proven through a well-balanced and application specific trade-off between the “corner” benefits given by higher efficiency, higher switching frequency, smaller footprint and weight and competitive cost on system level with respect to Si or SiC. The consortium is set up in order to provide a common and global, industry-relevant approach implying the whole GaN power electronics value chain from the substrate provider, GaN device manufacturer, assembly house to the end user, completed by top academic institutes and other tool or service providers (simulation software, measurement tools, etc.). Concerning the GaN power devices is planned to start with 600V, 10A and gradually to explore higher voltages (up to 1500V) and currents (up to 100A) towards the end of the project, giving priority to the early exploration of applications below 10kW.

Special attention will be paid on reliability issues and parasitic effects that will be investigated through a combined approach based on advanced electro/optical measurements and electro/thermo/mechanical TCAD simulations allowing to understand and identify the Safe Operating Area and to develop a robust and reliable GaN-on-Si power device technology platform.

Another important topic is the development of suitable packages / modules allowing high frequency and/or high temperature operation together with the design and implementation of the associated gate drivers.

Finally, the project demonstrators will focus on two application domains with strategic relevance such as Photovoltaic and Automotive.

Coordinator On Semiconductor Belgium BVBA (Belgium)

Other participants:
Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario Per La Nanoelettronica-IUNET (Italy), di cui è "terza parte":
- Centro di Ricerca sui Sistemi Elettronici per l'Ingegneria dell'Informazione e delle Telecomunicazioni "Ercole De Castro" - ARCES
- Resp. Scientifico: Prof. Claudio Fiegna
NXP Semiconductors UK Limited (UK)
NXP Semiconductors (The Netherlands)
STMicroelectronics (Italy) 
Centre D‘Ingenierie Et De Recherche Des Technologies De L‘Electrotechnique Moderne-CIRTEM (France) 
Epigan Nv (Belgium)
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung e.V. (Germany)
Slovak University of Technology Bratislava (Slovakia)
Cisc Semiconductor Gmbh (Austria)
Nanodesign Ltd (Slovakia)
European Aeronautic Defence And Space Company-Eads France Sas (France)
Microwave Characterization Center Sas (France)
Universität Kassel (Germany) 
Cea-Commissariat À L’Energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives (France)
University Of Bristol (UK) 
Synopsys Switzerland Llc (Switzerland)
Bitron Spa (Italy) 
Schneider Electric (Germany) 
Azzurro Semiconductors AG (Germany) 
Robert Bosch Gmbh (Germany) 
Audi AG (Germany) 
Technical University Of Eindhoven (The Netherlands)


Start date 01/04/2013

End date 31/03/2016

Duration 36 months

Project Reference 324280

Project cost 28.669.605 EURO

Project Funding 4.150.441 EURO


Subprogramme Area ENIAC Call 2012: Energy Efficiency; Automotive and Transport

Contract type ENIAC Joint Undertaking