Including Responsible Research and Innovation in cutting Edge Science and Inquiry-based Science Education to improve Teacher's Ability of Bridging Learning Environments

In the project IRRESISTIBLE partners work together to make young people more aware about Responsible Research and Innovation issues. Universities and science centres will cooperate in the project using the expertise they have in linking formal and informal learning.

For a long term effect the project focusses on teacher training. Each partner will form a Community of Learners in which teachers work together with formal education experts and informal education experts. The topics they will work on are derived from cutting edge research taking place at the partners’ university. Researchers and people from industry will complement the Community of Learners.

The Community of Learners will develop material to be used both in the classroom as well as in the science centres. During the first part content knowledge about the research will be introduced using the well established IBSE methodology. In the second part students will discuss and work on Responsible Research and Innovation issues regarding the research they have studied. Each partner will develop one module to be used in the classroom.
During the module students will be developing exhibits about the RRI issues that they have studied. These exhibits will be presented in the science centres. The best exhibits from each partner will be brought together during the yearly conferences of the project. By using new techniques like digital fabrication (ie. 3D printing) the exchange of exhibits will be easy between partners.
In the second round of the project the teachers from the first Community of Learners will work in a new Community with 4 to 5 new teachers. They will help these teachers introduce the developed modules in their own classroom. This way the number of teachers involved grows.
After receiving feedback from the first two rounds the 10 modules will be published and disseminated using and through workshops at local and (inter)national conferences

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands)

Other participants
Dipartimento di Chimica "G. Ciamician", Resp. Scientifico: Prof.ssa Margherita Venturi
Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
Jyvaskylan Yliopisto (Finland)
Helsingin Yliopisto (Finland)
Bogazici Universitesi (Turkey)
Universitatea Valahia Targoviste (Romania)
Panepistimio Kritis-University of Crete (Greece)
Leibniz-Institut fur die Padagogikder Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik and der Universitat Kiel (Germany)
Università Degli Studi Di Palermo (Italy)
Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaft und Technik (Germany)
Idryma Evgenidou (Greece)
Uniwersytet Jagiellonski (Poland)
Instituto de Educação da Universidade De Lisboa (Portugal)

Start date 01/11/2013
End date 31/10/2016
Duration 36 months
Project Reference 612367
Project cost 2.795.283,60 EURO
Project Funding 2.498.840 EURO
Subprogramme Area SiS.2013.2.2.1-1: Raising youth awareness to Responsible Research and Innovation through Inquiry Based Science Education
Contract type Coordination and Support Action
Coordinator Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands)