Remote Services - Student Services Department Cesena Campus

The offices of the Campus in Cesena will operate only remotely.

Please be reminded that all remote services available via Studenti Online (SOL) are active.

You can request information by contacting offices via e-mail. Offices may get back to you to resolve issues using Microsoft Teams.

Counselling and Public Relations Service - Urp:

Student Administration Offices:

Internships and Placement service:

International Relations Office:

Submitting Documents

Documents regarding degree-related activities must be submitted only using University email accounts. Please remember to scan the entire documentation and apply the duty stamp, if required (e.g. withdrawal from studies). If you do not have a University email account, you should send the documentation via email and include a copy of a valid identification document.

Original documents must be then sent by post to the Student Administration Office, via Moltalti n. 69 – 47521 Cesena.

Signatures on Original Certificates

Certificates, whether or not requiring duty stamps, may be downloaded using the application Studenti Online. If a duty stamp is required, please download the document and apply the duty stamp.

Please be reminded that certificates downloaded online are fully valid. Should you need a signature on an original certificate to be legalised at the Prefecture for use abroad, contact your Student Administration Office via email to agree on how to send the document.

Published on: 17 March 2020