The University of Bologna top in Italy with 14 excellent departments

Rector: “An extremely positive result that confirms and rewards the high quality of our research”.

The selected Unibo structures will receive funds totalling Euro 113.8 million.

Within the University of Bologna, 14 Departments have been funded as excellent departments under the 2017 Finance Law. As a result, the selected Unibo Departments will collect total funding of Euro 113.8 million over a period of five years.

“This extremely positive result – commented Rector Francesco Ubertini – confirms and rewards the high quality of our research, placing Alma Mater at the pinnacle nationally in terms of the number of Departments funded. Our achievement reflects the very high assessment scores obtained for both research quality and the merits of the projects presented”.

At national level, the annual funding of Euro 271 million rewards the best 180 Italian University departments, having regard for the maximum number attributable to each of the 14 CUN (National University Council) scientific areas. With 14 excellent departments, Alma Mater will collect 8.4% of the total funding: a considerably greater percentage than the weighting of the University of Bologna within the national system, which is about 5-6%.

The funds will be dedicated to strengthening and promoting the excellence of research, with investment in human capital, research infrastructure and post-graduate teaching activities.

The following Unibo Departments have been selected for their excellence by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MUIR): Architecture, Chemistry "G. Ciamician", Classical philology and Italian studies, Civil, chemical, environmental, and materials engineering, Electrical, electronic, and information engineering "G. Marconi", Modern languages, literatures and cultures, Psychology, Management, Biomedical and neuromotor sciences, Economics, Legal studies, Veterinary medical sciences, Political and social sciences, Agricultural and food sciences.

Last May, MIUR circulated the first list of 350 Italian departmental structures eligible to compete for the assignment of funds. That list included 28 University of Bologna departments. From among those, the Academic Senate selected 15 to compete for the assignment of funds.

Published on: 16 January 2018