Health care for EU nationals

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals holding a EHIC card

If during your temporary stay in Italy you need health care, by exhibiting your EHIC, European Health Insurance Card (TEAM in Italy), you can obtain direct care at public and private facilities recognised by the National Health Service (SSN). Direct care refers to health care provided free of charge, with the exception of a "ticket" (cost contribution).

The list of doctors working under this system can be found at, if you study in Bologna, or, if you study on the other Campuses.

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals holding a "document of entitlement" (e.g. E106, E 109, etc.)

If you have another form of entitlement other than the EHIC card, usually, for access to health care you must present your document of entitlement to one of the "Sportelli Unici Distrettuali" health offices. Here they will check if you can register with the National Health Service (SSN) and in this case you will have the right to full health care on the same conditions as Italian nationals. The method of access to health services may vary depending on the entitlement held. Ask for more information at the "Sportello Unico Distrettuale" at the time of registration.

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals holding neither the EHIC card or other documents of entitlement (Indirect care)

If you don't have a EHIC card or any other form of entitlement, you must take out private health insurance cover valid for your whole stay in Italy.

When you return home you can apply for a refund of the medical costs paid from your insurance company, presenting the payment receipts and health documentation.

If you stay in Italy for study purposes you may register with the National Health Service. In order to apply for the voluntary registration with the National Health Service as a student, you have to pay an annual lump sum fee of 149,77 €. You must pay the fee at a post office.

Important: registration with the SSN is based on a calendar year, from 1 January to 31 December, and it is not possible to register in advance for the subsequent year. If for example you arrive in September, you must assess whether it is worthwhile for you, as the registration is valid only until 31 December but you must in any case pay the whole annual fee.

Important: if you are employed or self-employed and pay your taxes in Italy, you can register with the National Health Service