Information for international teaching and research staff hosted at the University of Bologna

Useful information for international professors, researchers and scholars hosted at the facilities of the University of Bologna, what to do before and after your arrival in Italy.
Published Health care for international guests (visiting professors, researchers and scholars)
Useful information for using the healthcare services in Italy.
Published Accommodation for international guests
Useful information and contacts to find accommodation.
Published Travelling with your family
Useful information on coming to Italy with your family
Published The Italian tax code
To receive payments and reimbursements from the University of Bologna and for other purposes you must have an Italian tax code.
Published Useful documents: code of ethics and behavior, safety and health at work, personal data
Published Entry and residence in Italy of visiting professors, visiting fellows and other lecturers coming from abroad
Information on entry and residence in Italy of scholars or experts, of appropriate scientific qualification, coming from abroad, who have been appointed to run course units or manage language training, tutoring activities or seminars by the University offices on a contract basis.
Published Entry and residence in Italy of visiting researchers and other researchers from abroad
Information on the entry and residence in Italy of researchers from abroad working at the Departments as visiting researchers, visiting fellows, fixed-term researchers, or under contract, with a research fellowships or a research training grant, also funded externally.
Published Entry and residence in Italy of visiting scholars from abroad
Information on entry and residence in Italy of scholars, of appropriate scientific qualifications, from foreign universities or research institutes, invited to the university departments to perform personal training, cooperation projects or scientific exchanges, without remuneration.
Published Visiting PhD students from abroad
Visiting PhD students are foreign or Italian doctoral students enrolled at foreign universities invited to UniBo’s university departments to carry out a mobility period, outside international cooperation agreements or projects the University of Bologna takes part in. The following information does not apply to PhD students enrolled at the University of Bologna or to mobility students under cotutelle agreements or within international agreements or projects (i.e. Erasmus+).