Erasmus+ study

The Erasmus+ Programme offers you the chance to spend from three to twelve months of your university career studying in another European country. As an Erasmus+ student, you can attend courses, sit exams and earn credits for your studies.
Published Erasmus+ Study: programme, requirements and destinations
By taking part in the Erasmus+ Programme, you can spend part of your university career studying in another EU or non EU country, gaining a unique and culturally enriching experience.
Published How to apply
Do you want to take part in Erasmus+? Here you will find all the information you need for applying.
Published Information for Erasmus+ grant holders
Check on line the results of the call for application. If you are a grant holder read carefully the erasmus handbook, which is available on your AlmaRM online page and read the answers to the FAQ.
Published The Online Linguistic Support (OLS)
The Online Linguistic Support supports language learning for Erasmus+ mobility participants.
Published Erasmus+ Grant
Published Erasmus office directory
The offices to contact according to your needs.