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Video with images of research and innovation laboratories in the University.

Innovating thought

In the evolution of ideas lies authentic progress

Progress emerging from a change in perspective

Safety: a choice for everyone

A possibility for each of us to live our work with freedom, dignity, individual well-being, and participation in common progress.

Combating forms of discrimination

In Ravenna, a free university anti-discrimination LGBTQIA+ help desk: a protected space to be listened and supported.

Understanding gender violence through words

A collection of terms born from the work of feminist and LGBTQIA+ movements and gender studies. Knowledge becomes a tool to combat violence.

"Facing the sense of insecurity in my job"

Cultivate your well-being by accessing the “Avrò cura di me” (I'll Take Care of Myself) service dedicated to the psychological support of university staff.

Making a Difference

What we have achieved together with the funds raised from the 5x1000 tax support in 2023


scholarships to support the students education


research grants for specific projects

1 year

of funding for the Psychological Assistance Service for Young Adults (SAP)

Redefining the Concept of Health

Innovation at the service of people

  • Project funded by PNRR

    One-Health strategy against infectious diseases

    To monitor, predict, and treat antibiotic-resistant viruses and bacteria, the IN-FACT project adopts an integrated approach recognizing the interconnection between human, animal, and environmental health.

  • Project funded by PNRR

    An integrated approach to neuroscience and neuropharmacology

    The goal of the MNESYS project is to identify pathological factors of various conditions through precision, personalized, and predictive medicine for the treatment of nervous system and behavioural disorders.

  • PNRR funded project

    Italy leading in aging research

    Analysing aging from socio-economic, biomedical, and technological perspectives, offering new solutions to make the lives of the elderly more inclusive and of higher quality: this is the focus of AGE-IT-Italian Ageing Society.

  • A journey behind the scenes of medicine

    With AlmaSalute, the research from medical departments is told through videos and podcasts, covering prevention, care, disease fight, research challenges, and training of new health professionals.

  • The right to care: quality healthcare and therapies for all

    From researching advanced therapies in the fight against cancer to studying infectious diseases and technological development applied to treatment, a constant effort to improve people's lives and health.



A New Degree Programme in Forlì to Design Pleasure Boats

The new Nautical Engineering Degree Programme, unique along the entire Adriatic coastline, will train designers of technologically advanced yachts and sports boats.


Checkmate at the University of Bologna: three days of competition for the Inter-University Chess Tournament

From 14 to 16 June, in the Aula Magna of the University Library of Bologna, students from sixteen of the world's most prestigious universities will compete.


A journey behind the scenes of medicine with AlmaSalute

Scholars from the University of Bologna's medical departments talk in videos and podcasts about prevention, healthcare, the fight against disease, research challenges and the training of new healthcare professionals.

From research to society

Restoring artwork

Is climate change increasing volcanic activity in the Phlegraean Fields?

An answer comes from a study published in Geophysical Research Letters, which combined the tools of climate science with those of volcanology to analyze the case of the Phlegraean Fields.

Health and safety

The project to reduce worker fatigue

The culture of health and safety is at the heart of the Superhuman project, which aims to create an exoskeleton for high lumbar load activities, capable of lifting weights between 10 and 25 kg.


Artificial Intelligence for a Sustainable Public Administration

Objective achieved by the ALMA GAIE project, first place winner at "PA a colori" 2024, an initiative that highlights the best solutions for the Public Administration.

University campuses

  • Bologna Campus

    Testimonies from the past and experiences from the present intertwine in the academic facilities in Bologna. 

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  • Cesena Campus

    The Campus stands out for its strong link with local companies, serving as a bridge between academia and the business world.

    Discover the Cesena Campus

  • Forlì Campus

    A modern and dynamic Campus with facilities and services in the heart of a liveable and accessible city.

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  • Ravenna Campus

    A unique experience that allows you to connect closely with the history, art and ecosystem of a highly stimulating city. 

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  • Rimini Campus

    A people-focussed meeting place for cultures and ideas from all over the world. 

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