Rimini Campus

The Campus Board

The Campus Board organizes and coordinates support for teaching and research performed by the Departments and Schools in each of its spheres. It has autonomy of management, organization and regulation within its sphere of jurisdiction.


  • Prof. Sergio Brasini

Director of Department:

  • Prof. Claudio Stefanelli 
    Director of the Department for Quality Life Sciences

Directors of the Organizational Unit (UOS):

  • Prof. Ivano Vassura 
    Director of the Organizational Unit (UOS) for the "T.Montanari" Department of Industrial Chemistry
  • Prof. Corrado Benassi
    Director of the Organizational Unit (UOS) for the Department of Economic Science
  • Prof. Mario Mazzocchi
    Director of the Organizational Unit (UOS) for the "P. Fortunati" Department of Statistical Science

Schools Vice Chairmans:

  • Prof. Paola Giuri 
    Vice Chairman of the School of Economics, Management and Statistic on the Rimini Campus 
  • Prof. Mirella Falconi 
    Vice Chairman of the School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Sport Science on the Rimini Campus 

Degree courses coordinators:

  • Prof. Ivanoe Tozzi
    Business Economics 
  • Prof. Roberto Patuelli
    Economics of Tourism 
  • Prof. Carlo Trivisano
    Finance, Insurance and Business 
  • Prof. Paola Brighi
    Business Administration and Management
  • Prof. Elettra Agliardi
    Resource Economics and Sustainable Development 
  • Prof. Lorenzo Zirulia
    Tourism Economics and Management 
  • Prof. Fedele Pasquale Greco
    Statistical, Financial and Actuarial Sciences 
  • Prof. Andrea Ceciliani
    Exercise and Sport Sciences 
  • Prof. Vincenzo Tumiatti
  • Prof. Paco D’Onofrio
    Wellness and Sport Management
  • Prof. Vincenza Andrisano
    Quality control of health products
  • Prof. Claudio Stefanelli
    Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities
  • Prof. Daniela Baroncini
    Fashion Cultures and Techniques
  • Prof. Roy Menarini
    Fashion culture and management
  • Prof. Giuseppe Baldazzi
    Imaging and Radiotherapy techniques 
  • Prof. Gianluigi Pilu
  • Prof. Roberto Rimondini Giorgini
  • Prof. Maria Pia Fantini
    Health Assistance
  • Prof.Giovanna Guerzoni
    Expert In Social And Cultural Education
  • Prof. Dina Guglielmi
    Planning and managing of educational intervention in social distress 
  • Prof. Giuseppina MontanteChemistry and Technologies for the Environment and Materials  

PhD Coordinators:

  • Prof. Patrizia Hrelia
  • Prof. Giovanni Matteucci 
    Science and culture of well-being and lifestyles

Research Centre Directors ex art. 25 structures:

  • Prof. Alessia Mariotti
    Centre for Advanced Studies in Tourism - CAST

Students delegates:

  • Elena Bicego
  • Chiara Annamaria Carobene
  • Rita Passarella
  • Lara Sternini

Delegates for the Administrative Staff of the Rimini Campus: 

  • Annalisa Fiordelisi
  • Maria Cristina Mancini
  • Giuseppe Merloni
  • Luca Napoli

Manager of the Ravenna and Rimini Campus Area

  • Dr.Paolo Vicini

Delegate for the company consortium for the University in the Rimini Area (Uni.Rimini)

  • Dr. Barbara Bonfiglioli