Rimini Campus

Job Guidance

Service for graduating and graduated students to support and to guide the process of job search .
  • Job Guidance activities web site
    You can find the programme and registration information about workshops, seminars, Job Meetings and further Job Guidance opportunities.

  • Training and vocational internships  
    According art. 18 of Law 196/97, training and vocational internships aim to help young people find their feet in the working world after they have gained a qualification. Internships last at most 6 months and must be started within 12 months of graduation.
  • Active job-search laboratories  
    Laboratories are periodically organized to exercise in writing an effective curriculum vitae, training  for a job interview, creating a linkedIn profile, and other useful topics to do with starting work.
  • Meeting the working world - "Lavoro in Corso"
    The Rimini Campus organizes a career-guidance event to put graduating and graduated students in contact with the job world. An opportunity to meet some important companies, linked with the students curriculum, and companies associations and organizations of the Rimini territory. Before the meeting are scheduled seminars and training  meeting to be prepared.
  • Projects with the territory organizations and institutions
    The Job Guidance Service makes seminars, meetings and workshops in liaison with local institutions.
  • Seminars and workshop
    The Job Guidance Service organizes and schedules seminars, meetings and workshops in partnership with Degree Courses, companies and institutions of the Rimini district.
  • Recruiting and meeting with Companies
    In partnership with Job Placement service of University of Bologna will be held company recruitings coherent with the Degree Courses of Rimini Campus. Will be held also meeting to know companies and the offered job positions or internships.
  • On-line self-assessment questionnaire
    The questionnaire is an instrument  to self – guidance  to receive a personal employment profile.
  • Transversal competencies
    Acquisition of transversal competencies offers to studens skills, knowledges useful to answer to the inputs of the organizational and job environment.
  • Almalaurea
    Link between University and job/professional world.