Rimini Campus

China Desk on the Rimini Campus

The China Desk provides information and support for Chinese students on degree programmes at Rimini Campus.


    The office will:

  1. Assistance in dealing with bureaucratic formalities related to residence permits, local health services, accommodation, etc.;
  2. guidance on the University's educational offer and services;
  3. assistance in dealing with bureaucratic formalities linked to university life;
  4. orientation on the city and useful services;
  5. coordination of extra-curricular activities (cinema, theatre, cultural events etc.);
  6. accompanying service and language support in exceptional cases (accident, hospital, police station and similar cases).


    1. 提供语言和文化沟通服务;

    2. 在大学组织的迎新期活动中给予留学生提供帮助;

    3. 提供学生居留,住宿,健康保险等有关手续指引;

    4. 为学生提供有关大学的入学步骤,教学计划,教学设施和课程设置等信息;

    5. 协助学生联系大学办公室办理与教学,学习和生活福利等有关的手续;

    6. 提供大学校区所在城市的有关有用信息;

     7. 提供课外活动信息,组织相关活动 (各种文化交流活动);

     8. 在紧急情况下提供陪同翻译和提供语言支持(意外事故,医院,警察局)。