Rimini Campus


All facilities on the Rimini Campus are covered by University WiFi. The AlmaWiFi service is designed for students, teachers, technical and administrative staff and accredited guests of Bologna University.

The system may be accessed through University credentials and is based on a WPA-protocol cryptographic system which protects user traffic.

List of Rimini Campus facilities where the AlmaWiFi network is in place:

  • Clodia lecture rooms
    Via Clodia, 43/47
  • Central Library
    Via Vittime Civili di Guerra, 5
  • Alberti Complex
    Via Q.Sella, 13
  • Angherà Complex
    Via Angherà, 22
  • Navigare Necesse Complex
    Via dei Mille, 39
  • Teatini Complex
    P.tta Teatini, 10
  • Valgimigli Complex
    Vicolo Santa Chiara, 40
  • Department of Science for the Quality of Life
    Corso D'Augusto, 237
  • Bastioni Laboratories
    Via Bastioni Settentrionali, 45
  • Tonti Study Room 
    Via Tonti, 2