All facilities on the Rimini Campus are covered by University WiFi. The AlmaWiFi service is designed for students, teachers, technical and administrative staff and accredited guests of Bologna University.

The system may be accessed through University credentials and is based on a WPA-protocol cryptographic system which protects user traffic.

ALMAWIFI configuration instructions


Settore Servizi Informatici (Assistenza e sviluppo)

Responsabile: Maria Cristina Mancini - Vice Responsabile: Massimo Baroni - Staff: Simone Ancarani, Ludovico Antonio Muratori, Cristian Righi, Luca Rimondi, Antonella Sala, Francesco Urbinati


Via Angherà, 22 (first floor) - RIMINI

Office hours

From monday to friday 9am/12.15pm – 1pm/4.30pm

+39 0541 4 34205

+39 0541 4 34128