Ravenna Campus

Outgoing Students

Full details of the Erasmus Plus Programme with European universities, open to students on Ravenna degree programmes. By this programme you may study for 3-12 months at a European university on the scheme.

Students interested in the new Erasmus Plus programme may at any time of year check on line for the number of exchange places made available, and work out the foreign university course units they intend to attend. Candidacy applications must be made according to the Call rules which are published in December every year in reference to the coming year. Applications must be made on line and may contain a choice of two foreign universities.

N.B. Together with its partners in the European project E-LOCAL (Electronically Learning Other Cultures And Languages), the School of Languages and Literatures, Translation and Interpretation has written on-line courses in the following languages and cultures: Finnish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian. These may be accessed quite simply from your UNIBO account on the  E-local Courses platform. The course content is specifically tailored to Erasmus students. To work through them before leaving is an effective way of preparing for a stay abroad: the student may acquire important language skills (to level A1 in the common European Framework) and cultural know-how.