International experiences

How to carry out a period of study or work abroad, support activities for the internationalization of teaching, research and services.

Published Asia Institute for supporting Asiatic students
The Asia Institute promotes cooperation with Asia on research, education, culture and business development. It is a promoter of activities to bring Emilia-Romagna closer to Asia, through initiatives involving citizens and businesses operating in the Emilia-Romagna area.
Published Outgoing students
Full details of the Erasmus Plus programme with European universities, open to students on Ravenna degree programmes. By this programme you may study for 3-12 months at a European university.
Published Incoming Students
The most useful information for foreign students arriving at the University of Bologna.
Published Information for international students - Ravenna Campus
Services, procedures and opportunities for international students opting to study at Ravenna Campus.
Published International Desk - Ravenna
The International Desk provides welcome, information and guidance support for those who study, teach or do research on the Ravenna Campus.
Published International relations - Ravenna
All the opportunities of studying abroad or, if you are an international student, spending part of your learning programme at Ravenna Campus.