Career guidance service

The Career guidance service provides those taking, or having just taken, their degree with certain tools and help in the delicate and complex phase of applying for a job on the job market.

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The purpose of the service is to improve candidates’ ability to address the world of work with effective strategies.

Cyclically, laboratories will be available giving practice with issues like compiling a curriculum vitae, performing at an interview for a job, getting organised in hunting for a job, and acquiring personal business-like qualities.

The laboratories work by modules: developing e-reference skills, on-line questionnaires for self-assessment as to employability, pinpointing the individual training requirement; on-line and in-class training to hone active job-search techniques and self-promotion; group laboratory work to develop your business initiative; help with drawing up a business plan and finding out about funding sources; career guidance.

All our services are free and are organised with the Unibo Career guidance service.