Ravenna Campus


The Ravenna Campus offers a range of guidance services. They are aimed to help high-school students in choosing the right university career path and to assist new graduates in entering the working world.
Published Presentation video of the Ravenna Campus and Degree Courses
Published Guide yourself
The best choice for your course of study
Published Guidance service and interviews in Ravenna
The Ravenna Campus has introduced guidance service to help the students in their educational, academic and career decisions.
Published University Guidance Meetings at high schools
During the past several years Ravenna Campus has been organizing Guidance Meetings at high schools in Ravenna and its province.
Published Career Guidance Service
The Career Guidance Service provides those taking, or having just taken, their degree with certain tools and help in the delicate and complex phase of applying for a job on the job market.
Published International Desk
The International Desk provides a welcome, information and guidance for international students opting to study at the Ravenna Campus.