Forlì Campus

Computer use policy

You can consult catalogues and perform bibliographical researches on electronic journals, databases and the Internet from the Library computers.

OPAC Computers

You can consult the Library books catalogue, those of Bologna and Romagna library network, the Italian Union Catalogue of Serials (ACNP) from the computers on the ground floor.

ICT Room Computers

To use the ICT room computers, log in using your university access: 

University of Bologna e-mail address and password.

From these computers you can perform bibliographic researches on electronic journals, databases and the Internet and use Office Word and Excel.

The IT Room computers are connected to a printer, working with a pre-paid card (the same used for photocopying), on sale at the vending machine on the ground floor. One copy card costs € 5: you can make 125 A4 black-and-white copies.

Workstation for students with disabilities

An accessible workstation has been set up at Ruffilli Central Library to process learning material for students with certified sensory disabilities and students with certified SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities).

The workstation is equipped with an iMac 21,5” and a flatbed scanner up to A3 size. The PC has both Windows 10 and Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) operating systems installed, and students are prompted to choose their preferred system as the computer starts. Installed software include MS Office 2016, Open Office 4, Adobe Acrobat reader, browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer (Win)/Safari (OSX), voice-synthesis software Balabolka (Win)/ VoiceOver (OSX). The scanner works exclusively on Windows 10 and the Abbey FineReader 12 is only available on that operating system for OCR.

This equipment is located on the first floor. For access kindly refer to the Information Desk, at the entrance of the Library.

Students of the Alma Mater Studiorum shall access the workstation using their @studio.unibo.itusername and password; other users shall have limited access to the equipment, and use it solely to computerize documents.


Like all other Forlì Campus facilities, a free wireless Internet connection is available in the Library. Details on how to configure your PC at the AlmaWiFi page.

In some rooms the tables are equipped with power sockets.