Forlì Campus


Users can photocopy the documents in the Library, with the exception of dissertations, in compliance with the Italian Copyright Law.


The Library has outsourced this service; users will find 3 self-service photocopiers to reproduce the documents in the Library.

The photocopiers are on both floors: two on the ground floor in the photocopying room, and one on the first floor. They work with a pre-paid card (which may also be used for printing in the ICT Room): cards are on sale at the vending machine on the ground floor. One card costs € 5: you can make 125 A4 black-and-white copies.

You are not allowed to photocopy dissertations; these are available for consultation only.

Italian Copyright Law

According to the Italian copyright law, you may photocopy up to 15% of each volume or journal issue for your own use, with the exception of advertising pages and music scores on which there is an explicit ban.

The 15% limit does not apply to rare intellectual works or those outside the publishing catalogues, given the difficulty of finding them on the market.