Forlì Campus


The main subject areas are economics, law, social science (political science, international relations, sociology), foreign languages and literature, linguistics and socio-linguistics, aerospace and mechanical engineering. The rich library collection is updated and increased by about 3,000 new purchases every year.

The main collection

This includes numerous encyclopaedias, atlases, glossaries, dictionaries, manuals, essays, critical studies and literary works.
These volumes are on open shelves, ordered according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Their shelf mark is made of a number according to the subject of the book, followed by 4 letters.

Text books

Every year the Library purchases several copies of the books on the reading lists of the courses run by the Forlì Campus Schools.

The first copy is kept in the Library for consultation; its shelf mark is LT and it can be consulted by applying to the Information Desk. The other copies are available for loan for 30 days and have shelf mark LTPRE.

Course packs are available at the Information Desk. They may be consulted and photocopied in the Library.

One copy of engineering textbooks is available for consultation at the Administrative Office of the School of Engineering and Architecture of Forlì Campus.

Books in the warehouse

Works that have not been loaned out for five years, old editions and second copies are moved into the warehouse

To consult or borrow books with shelf mark MAGAZZINO apply to the Information Desk.

Books in Braille

The Library also has volumes in Braille, to borrow them apply to the Information desk

To view the list, enter "braille" in the word search field of the Library Book Catalogue.