Forlì Campus

Welcome to the Campus of Forlì

The Coordinator’s welcome.
Saffi square by night

Dear students,

as Chairman of the Forlì Campus, for me it's a great pleasure to welcome to you at our Forlì Campus.


In the last few years, the choice to attend a university degree in our Campus has been successful for several reasons. First of all, you will have the opportunity to attend courses in one of the most innovative university facility in Italy and Europe. Our programs have always been at the top of the national rankings in terms of Academic scientific prestige, of quality of their graduates, of growing opportunities thanks to internationalization of our programs, to the high quality standards of our teaching facilities and to the new spaces designed to support students in their activities. 

Over the years we managed to optimize the excellent relationship between teachers and students, matching it with the high quality of provided serivices.  The Campus student associationsconstantly play an important dynamic role, thus representing an effective partner between you and the Academic Institutions.

Furthermore, through the development and consolidation of the University Campus in Forlì, the city is living a second youth, allowing students to spend their time at the University in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere, always counting on the valuable support and collaboration of all the local institutions.

I invite all of you to visit our innovative facilities and I hope to meet you!



Prof. Luca Mazzara

President of the Campus of Forlì.