Forlì Campus


The company that supports and promotes Bologna University activities in the province of Forlì-Cesena is Ser.In.Ar.

The company was set up in 1988 by the municipalities of Forlì and Cesena, the Province of Forlì-Cesena, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Artisanship and Agriculture for Forlì and the Casse di Risparmio of Forlì and Cesena, its objective being to promote, support and upgrade such Degree Programmes and other ventures as the University of Bologna may plan to set up, activate or relocate to the towns of Forlì and Cesena.

The company membership was swelled by the Emilia Romagna Region in 1992 and the Municipality of Bertinoro in 1995. General relations between Ser.In.Ar. and Bologna University are governed by a framework agreement. Ser.In.Ar.’s cooperation with Bologna University has taken the following form: setting up degree programme centres (building de novo or renovating, furnishing and equipping with laboratory apparatus and technology; supplying secretariat and service staff; promoting and guiding degree programmes activated in the decentralised campus; organizing events related to the relevant scientific areas (conferences, seminars, workshops, debates); liaising with the Regional Authority for the Right to Study and the municipalities of Forlì and Cesena to safeguard the right to study by housing, canteen and information schemes; organizing training ventures largely aimed at higher education and lifelong learning (post-graduate and post-high school), under the regional, national and EU umbrella for professional development, and working closely with the University and the local school network.