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Student Administration Office

This administrative secretariat handles the administrative issues involved in students’ academic careers from start to finish.

"Sportelli Virtuali", the new service for video calling the student secretariat

Your secretariat is renewed to offer you the advantages of the virtual counter: a wider, more open service, faster.


You can speak to a dedicated operator by connecting during opening hours or by making an appointment.

You can access Sportelli by logging in:

- institutional e-mail address: If you are not yet a student of the University of Bologna, to obtain the e-mail, enter Studenti Online, go to the "REGISTER" section and complete the required fields.

-SPID (Public Digital Identity System).

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The Student Secretariat operates the following times through the new public reception method:








9.00 -12.00 (V)

14.00 -15.30 (V)


9.00 -12.00 (V)



9.00 -12.00 (P)

14.00 -15.30 (V)


9.00 -12.00 (V)


V= virtual reception

P= reception in presence by appointment


For more information about the service click here.


Telephone reception: Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:30 tel. +39.0543.374809

When applying for information remember to put your data either in the object line, or at the bottom: name, surname, registration number and degree programme.

Apply to the Student Administration Office for:

  • Registration on open- and restricted-access degree programmes;
  • enrolment, payment of fees various, switches (students should also consult StudentiOnline);
  • receipts for fees paid;
  • prospective payments;
  • international student procedures;
  • transfer from another University;
  • transfer to another University;
  • internal switching to another degree programme;
  • withdrawal from university;
  • interruption of studies;
  • suspension from studies;
  • loss of student status;
  • career mergers;
  • enrolment in single course units;
  • recognition of studies abroad;
  • authentication of documents deposited with the Office;
  • registration/degree certificates;
  • applications for Diploma Supplements;
  • return of school-leaver diplomas;
  • collecting degree certificates;
  • access to records;
  • distribution of magnetic badges, duplicates and re-magnetization  thereof.


Director Dr Patrizia Ussani


University e-mail box
For information to do with your career or for certificates you need to write from your own authentic-access institutional e-mail box:
You should check your university e-mail box periodically since administrative notices, about refunds or collecting diplomas, for example, will be posted there and only there.