Cesena Campus

Professional guidance

The University provides new graduates and near-graduates with tools and services to strategically plan their professional careers and to join the labour market. The goal of this service is to increase and improve the skills of each applicant, enabling him/her to enter the labour market strategically and efficiently.

Important: all university facilities are currently closed to the public. 


Online services and tools 

Due to the current pandemic, professional guidance services for the Forlì and Cesena campuses are available remotely (via WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or phone call), and the office is also available to check CVs by email. To schedule an appointment, please email orientalavoro.fc@unibo.it specifying your name, surname, phone number and degree programme. 


Individual professional counselling

CV and cover letter check-ups

To understand your own professional goals and improve your job hunt skills.

To schedule your guidance session, sign into Studenti Online. 


The Unibo job placement app 

Discover the new job placement app from Unibo to stay up-to-date on the various career days organised by the University of Bologna, providing an opportunity for companies and students/graduates to meet. 


Helpful advice for your job search

This page contains helpful advice on how to look for a job effectively and efficiently, and how to take full advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you. Discover how to make the most of your CV and how to write a winning cover letter. 


Job newsletter 

Information and opportunities regarding the labour market, education and international mobility. To subscribe: orientalavoro.fc@unibo.it



AlmaEnglish offers the opportunity to improve your English skills and get an international linguistic certification for free. 

For more information, contact the AlmaEnglish help desk: tel. +39 051 2087881 or email: almaenglish@unibo.it


Events and seminars 

Pro-active job search seminars

Workshops to help you boost your active job search competencies: 

  • How to write a CV and cover letter 
  • Interviews 
  • Personal branding 
  • Professional networking 


Check out the calendar on the website and subscribe. 


Events sponsored by the Job Placement Office 

Postgraduate internships

Postgraduate internships are aimed at creating a direct line between the company or host institution and the intern to promote the exchange of knowledge, gain professional skills and even get hired. 

International internships

Job opportunities wall

To check out job listings updated in real-time, sign in with your Almalaurea account and submit your application, attaching you CV.