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Closing times

General Administration Office closing times for Easter holidays

University office

On 18th April 2014, just before the Easter holidays, the Offices will close at 2 p.m.

Published on 07 April 2014


The Italian university system

Find out how university studies are organised and which are the reference laws.

Published on 04 March 2014


University Museum System - SMA


Discover the oldest university in the world. Visit the museums of the University of Bologna.

Published on 04 March 2014



The University of Bologna has adopted a Multicampus structure in order to permit the diffusion of educational offering and the activation of a stabile research activity on the premises with the intent to better the functionality and quality of university community life.

Published on 04 March 2014


The University Reform (Italian Law no. 240/2010)

Information and FAQ on university reform that activated the 33 Departments and 11 schools, in accordance with Law 240/2010 for the reorganization of the University.

Published on 04 March 2014