Changing study programme within the University of Bologna

All the information you need on the deadlines and methods for changing from one study programme to another.

Application requirements and general information

Applicants wishing to change programme must have paid the tuition fees for the first instalment of A.Y. 2017-2018.

Please remember that students are not permitted to enrol in more than one degree programme, Master degree programme or doctoral programme at the same time. Students may enrol simultaneously in degree programmes at the University of Bologna and study programmes at a Music Conservatory, authorised musical institutions and the National Academy of Dance, in compliance with the methods laid down in Ministerial Decree 28/09/2011.
You may also register in advance for degree programmes with restricted access which have set early entrance exams and enrolment periods, without prejudice to subsequent programme transfers, as indicated in the relative admission notices.

IMPORTANT: Before presenting a transfer application, find out from your current Student Administration Office about your career status and the regulations concerning withdrawal from studies. 

N.B.: if you are interested in the benefits of the right to higher education, consult the relative call published by the Regional Board for the Right to Higher Studies (ER.GO) on the website In particular, before transferring to a different programme, remember that, for the purposes of being granted any subsidies, your career will be assessed from the year you first enrolled at university; this is independent of any recognitions obtained or the programme year assigned to you by the Degree Programme Board. Following your programme transfer, this could lead to the loss of any assigned benefits.

If you have any doubts, contact your current Student Administration office in advance.

If you are a non-EU student resident abroad, enrolled to the first year and included in the AY 2017/2018 quota, you are not allowed to change study programme; you may do so only from the second year of the programme.

How to apply to change programme

If you wish to transfer to another degree programme running at the University of Bologna, go to Studenti Online and use the online procedure to complete the application and pay the internal transfer fee of 96 €, which includes a 16,00 € duty stamp. 

Students enrolled for the academic year 2017/2018 who opt for a restricted access degree programme at either local or national level after enrolling for another degree programme at this university will be exempt from the payment of the programme transfer fee.

NB: Check now that all your exams have been correctly recorded; contact the professor if you have any doubts or note any errors.

Transfer applications, which must include your study programme, will be examined by the Board of the Degree Programme you have chosen.

If you have chosen a First cycle degree programmes or a Single cycle degree programmes, the Board will decide whether you are exonerated from the initial exam to assess your prior knowledge.

If you have chosen a Second cycle degree programme, the Board will assess whether you possess the curricular requirements and whether you are exonerated from the assessment of your personal knowledge.

For information concerning the assessment methods and the requirements, refer to the sheet relative to the Degree programme you are interested in.

You may submit your application by 28 December 2017, unless otherwise indicated in the admission notice for restricted access programmes. (The application is digital, you do not have to deliver it to the Student Administration Office).

If your new programme has restricted access, and only for those who fill places left free by withdrawing candidates, it may be possible to postpone this deadlines.

Payment of the transfer fee

The on-line procedure automatically generates the transfer fee code (96 EUR, stamp duty included). You may pay on-line, using Studenti Online, or at any branch of Unicredit, presenting the printed payment code.
You can monitor the status of your file from your personal page on Studenti Online.

Documents required for transfer

The office will check that you have paid all your tuition fees (including any fines) and that all your exams have been correctly recorded. It will then send your file to the new Student Administration Office (where different from the previous one) and notify you.

You can monitor the status of your file from your personal page on Studenti Online.

Credits are recognised by the Board of your chosen Degree Programme, which also decides on which year of the programme you will be admitted to.