Enrolling in single learning activities

All information concerning the methods and deadlines for enrolling in single learning activities.

General information and requirements

In order to integrate student careers that have already been completed, graduates of any degree level and those holding academic qualifications issued in compliance with previous degree systems or issued abroad may enrol in single learning activitiesfor a maximum of 30 credits (unless lower limits are set by the single Schools).

Enrolment in individual training activities is open also to:

  • anyone holding a five-year secondary school diploma, as long as not enrolled in any another degree programme at the University;
  • foreign citizens who have graduated or are enrolled at foreign universities;
  • anyone enrolled in PhD programmes with a teaching and training plan, for each academic year, approved by the Academic Board, which allows enrolment in individual training activities;
  • anyone enrolled in a Degree Programme, enrolment to single learning activities is permitted if you have presented an application for admission to the final examination during the period between the 1st of January and 30th of April of the previous academic year;
  • anyone who, in order to enrol in a Degree Programme of a higher level that is newly established and for which the admission regulations were not known previously, need to acquire credits in specific subject areas that were not laid down in the teaching regulation of their previous degree programme. 

For Degree Programmes with restricted access there is a limit to the number of students admitted to single learning activities. There may also be special arrangements for access to single learning activities for programmes with free access, according to exceptional teaching or structural requirements.

Generally, teaching departments may set limits for the recognition of credits deriving from single learning activities. You are therefore advised, prior to enrolling, to find out more information from the student administration office of the degree programme in which you may wish to have the single learning activities recognised in future.

Enrolment to single learning activities is valid for only one academic year and for a maximum of 30 credits. Courses may run in periods other than the academic year. Before enrolling, check that the lessons are still to be held.

It is possible to enrol in single learning activities in which the lessons have already been held, for a limited number of credits, only if, to access a newly established higher Degree Programme (the rules for access to which were not previously known), you must have obtained credits in specific subject areas which were not laid down in the teaching regulation of your original degree programme.

What to do

Information for Italian students, students with EU and equivalent citizenship and students who are citizens of non-EU countries and resident abroad, on how to enrol in single learning activities.

If you are an asylum-seeker student, contact the International Desk and find out requirements, methods and benefits for enrolment.