Laurea (First cycle degree/Bachelor - 180 ECTS) in Imaging and Radiotherapy techniques

Degree programme

Programme type Laurea (First cycle degree/Bachelor - 180 ECTS)
Academic Year 2016/2017
General policies and regulations D.M. 270
Code 8486
Course class L/SNT3 - Technical Health Professions
Years in which the programme is being held I, II, III
Mode of study Convenzionale
Admission typology Restricted access
Place of teaching Rimini
Programme Director Giuseppe Battista
Teachers Teachers
Language Italian

Programme profile

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Expected learning outcomes

Pursuant to article 6, paragraph 3 of Ministerial Decree no. 502 of 30.12.92 and amendments, graduates from this class are healthcare professionals whose fields of activity and responsibility are determined by the contents of the ministerial decrees which establish the professional profiles and curricula of the respective university and higher education programmes as well as the specific codes of conduct.

Graduates in technical diagnostic and technical healthcare fields implement the technical procedures required to perform diagnostic methods on biological materials or humans, or implement technical care activities, complying with the provisions of the regulations identifying the professional figures laid down in the decrees of the Ministry of Health.

Graduates in this class are appropriately trained in basic subjects allowing them to better understand the most important elements underlying the pathological processes of children, adults and the elderly in order to focus diagnostic activities there. They know and use at least one European language other than Italian in their specific field and to exchange general information.

The teaching facilities will identify and implement learning paths to train the various graduate figures to suit the professional profiles outlined in the decrees of the Ministry of Health.

For this purpose, the teaching facilities shall select the appropriate subjects and learning activities particularly concerning professional competencies, and specific curricula for the healthcare professions in the class.

Through these curricula, graduates will acquire the professional competencies listed below concerning the identified ministerial profiles. Professional skills and methods of conduct are acquired through theoretical and practical learning activities and in specific working contexts, at the end of the programme guaranteeing a full command of all the required skills and their immediate application in a professional environment.

Clinical internships and practical experience are therefore key elements and an integral part of the vocational training, worth at least 60 CFU and performed under the supervision and guidance of specifically appointed professional tutors, coordinated by a high-level professor for each specific professional profile in line with any European standards in force.

In line with the above curricula, graduates shall develop the competencies laid down in the specific professional profiles in the areas laid down in the aforementioned decree of the Ministry of Health, which is currently being finalised.

In particular: Technical-diagnostic area

In the technical profession of medical radiology, imaging and radiotherapy, graduates are healthcare workers with duties attributed by decree of the Ministry of Health no. 746 of 26 September 1994 and amendments; they are responsible for the assigned duties and authorised to carry out imaging and radiological services, in compliance with radio-protection regulations. In compliance with Italian law no. 25 of 31 January 1983, technicians in medical radiology are qualified to work autonomously or in cooperation with other health professionals, or following medical prescription, performing all the activities which entail the use of ionising radiation sources, both artificial and natural, of thermal, ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance, as well as all work for physical or dosimetry protection; they participate in the planning and organisation of their work within their organisation, according to their own competencies; they deliver the services in direct collaboration with the radiodiagnostic physician, nuclear physician, radiotherapist or health physicist, following diagnostic and treatment protocols defined in advance with the facility manager; they are responsible for their own activities, monitoring the correct functioning of the equipment they are in charge of, eliminating any minor problems and implementing monitoring programmes to guarantee quality according to pre-set indicators and standards; they work in public and private health facilities, as employees or on a freelance basis; they contribute to the training of support staff and proactively work to develop their own professional skills and research work.

The university provides appropriate training in protection from ionising radiations as part of this professional study programme.

In compliance with the provisions of annex IV of Italian Legislative Decree no. 187 of 26 May 2000, the curriculum in this degree class covers radioprotection.

The degree programmes shall include the learning activities envisaged in art. 10, para. 5, letters a, c, d, e of D.M. no. 270 of 22 October 2004, with a number of credits respectively as follows: 6 chosen by the student; 9 for the final examination and for English language; 6 for other activities including computing, seminars, etc. and 3 for specific professional laboratories; finally 60 CFU are reserved for the internship.


The degree course has 1550 hours of training divided into the three-year course, divided into the following courses:

Year 1: Internship 1 (18 CFU - 450 hours)

Year 2: Internship 2 (20 CFU - 500 hours)

Year 3: Internship 3 (24 CFU - 600 hours)

International mobility


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Access to further study

It gives access to second cycle studies (laurea specialistica / magistrale) and master universitario di primo livello.

Career opportunities

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Contact details

Coordinator of the Degree Programme is Prof. Giuseppe Battista

Contact for the 1st cycle of the Degree Programme is Dott. Gioele Santucci


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tel. 0541 709700-705742

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