Traineeship Abroad

The full range of opportunities for a vocational training period abroad.
Erasmus + Mobility for Traineeship
This is a European Union-promoted and funded scheme under the Erasmus+ 2014-2020 programme which enables students to spend a period of traineeship with a company or training centre or research centre (except for European institutions or organizations managing European programmes) in one of the European countries taking part in the Programme. EU institutions or organisations managing EU programmes are not eligible as receiving organisations for student traineeships.
Erasmus + Programme - Unipharma Graduates Project
The University of Bologna is part of the Unipharma Graduates consortium.
Erasmus + Programme – North South Traineeship Project
The North South Traineeship Project is assigning mobility grants for traineeship abroad in European enterprises, educational and research centres to 8 students and PHD students enrolled at one of North South Traineeship Project Partner Universities.
Vulcanus Programme Europe-Japan
Programme offering European students the possibility to do an internship in a Japanese industry.