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Job Placement and Career Orientation

Job Placement aims to facilitate the integration of graduates from the University of Bologna in the world of work.
To this day, approximately 2,500 Italian and international companies have subscribed to the initiative. Subscribing companies can post job offers on the online notice board (in 2016, 1,408 job offers were posted on the notice board) and access graduates' CVs (in 2016, companies consulted 32,382 CVs).
Additionally, the initiative includes organising meeting events for graduates and companies, such as Career Day, Recruiting Day, company presentations, School events and Campus initiatives. In 2016, 244 companies and 8,933 graduates attended these events.
Job Placement is also on Linkedin: today, Career Page Job Placement has 3,500 followers.
The Career Guidance Service, organises free workshops, such as Check Point CV and auto presentation, professional orientation. In 2016, more than 3,000 people took part in free workshops organised by the Career Guidance Service. The service also offers individual support meetings.


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