Curricular Internship

To do a curriculum internship as part of one’s learning programme, students have to put this kind of internship in the study plan.

Applications to do internships may be presented at any time after the beginning of the academic year for which such an internship was scheduled, via the internships application software.

How long an internship lasts is linked to the number of credits (UECs, also called CFUs) that the study plan has scheduled (1 credit = 25 working hours).

Applications, outlining the internship project, must be approved by the Internship Committee.

You are advised to check the deadlines and rules fixed by each Degree Programme.

A teacher or researcher from the student’s degree programme will be appointed as academic tutor for the internship. The trainee-student needs to work out with the academic tutor how the internship should proceed in practice, bearing in mind the overall programme; and the student will report back to the tutor on how the internship is progressing. The trainee-student will also have a contact person at the host-organization who will keep an eye on him/her from the inside.

Once the Committee has approved the application, the prospective trainee will receive an e-mail containing the instructions on how to download the record-book on which the daily work must be recorded.

The record-book is the evidence to the Labour Office inspectors that the student is doing an internship and is not a clandestine worker.

During the internship the student must:

  • follow instructions from the academic tutor and the company contact person, and report to them in case of need;
  • attend work regularly, sticking to the timetable agreed;
  • give the host-organization warning of absence and make up the hours lost;
  • if the absence becomes prolonged or the internship comes to a halt, inform the internship office, the academic tutor and the host-organization contact person;
  • comply with the host’s rules and the hygiene and safety regulations;
  • maintain discretion about the manufacturing processes, products and services and other host-organization business he/she gets to know about, and remain discreet after the internship ends;
  • the timespan for completing the internship must not be protracted beyond 6 months reckoning from the first day of work. If it fails to conclude by that term, the student will have to apply all over again.

At the end of the internship the student must let the Committee assessing the internship have (via the Internship application software):

• the student-trainee’s own report, • the record-book

and • fulfill the questionnaire

At this final stage the Committee minutes its final judgment. If the internship is deemed a failure, the Committee will ex officio assign a new internship with a host-organization of its own choosing.

Each Degree Programme has a teaching office/internship office that looks after the paperwork of its curriculum internships.