Studying at Ravenna

Read about the Ravenna Campus programme catalogue, opportunities for study abroad and internships.
Published First and Second cycle degree programmes 2017/18
List of First and Second cycle degree programmes 2017/18 held in Ravenna Campus.
Published Course unit catalogue 2017/18
List of Course units 2017/18 held in Ravenna Campus.
Published Professional Masters
These are post-graduate scientific upgrade and lifelong learning qualifications open to those with a first-cycle or second-cycle degree.
Published Summer Schools
Summer Schools operating on the Ravenna Campus
Published Towards greater internationalization
As part of promotion and consolidation of the local university set-up, the Ravenna Campus and the Flaminia Foundation are jointly financing schemes that support internationalization of teaching, research and services. The priority is to build up the scientific and other facilities of the Campus so as to enhance the attractions of Ravenna programmes for students, teachers and researchers from Italy and abroad.
Published Graduation and the final examination
To graduate from a First Cycle, Second Cycle, Specialistica or Single Cycle Degree Programme, students must pass a final examination to verify that they have achieved the learning outcomes of their study programme.
Published Internships and Placements
The Ravenna Campus supports the connection of students/new graduates to the working world, through a wide range of internships programmes in Italy and abroad.