International Professional Masters 2015/2016

Professional Master's students

Broaden your knowledge and, after graduation, complete your studies, preparing for the job market.

Published on 06 November 2014


Unipharma Graduates Project

The Call "Unipharma-graduates" have been published for 70 mobility grants for traineeships abroad with European chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological research centres.

Published on 05 December 2014

Exchange students

Incoming exchange students

International students

All the information exchange students need to know before leaving and when they arrive in Italy.

Published on 27 August 2014


Changes to the regulations on loss of student status

If from 2008/2009 you registered for the first time to a first, second or single cycle degree programme under DM 270/04 or still governed by DM 509/99, the terms for loss of student status have been extended by 1 year. Important: For students who would have lost their student status in March 2015, the term has been extended by 2 years.

Published on 02 December 2014


Incentives for students enrolling in specific Degree Programmes: temporary rankings a.y. 2013/14

Temporary rankings a.y. 2013/14 of assignees and the excluded students are published.

Published on 26 November 2014


Living Bologna

two towers

Services , places, events: a guide useful to know and live the City.

Published on 30 October 2014


Opportunities for companies

The industrial world has various opportunities of contacting and liaising with the University in terms of research and innovation.

Published on 04 March 2014