Foto del docente

Pier Luigi Martelli

Full Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/10 Biochemistry


El-Masry M.M.; De Maio A.; Martelli P.L.; Casadio R.; Moustafa A.B.; Rossi S.; Mita D.G., Influence of the immobilization process on the activity of β-galactosidase bound to Nylon membranes grafted with glycidyl methacrylate. Part 1. Isothermal behavior, «JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS B-ENZYMATIC», 2001, 16, pp. 175 - 189 [Scientific article]

Jacoboni I.; Martelli P.L.; Fariselli P.; De Pinto V.; Casadio R., Prediction of the transmembrane regions of β-barrel membrane proteins with a neural network-based predictor, «PROTEIN SCIENCE», 2001, 10, pp. 779 - 787 [Scientific article]

El-Sherif H.; Martelli P.L.; Casadio R.; Portaccio M.; Bencivenga U.; Mita D.G., Urease immobilisation on chemically grafted nylon membranes: Part 1: Isothermal characterisation, «JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS B-ENZYMATIC», 2001, 14, pp. 15 - 29 [Scientific article]

Casadio R.; Compiani M.; Fariselli P.; Jacoboni I.; Martelli P.L., Neural networks predict protein folding and structure: Artificial intelligence faces biomolecular complexity, «SAR AND QSAR IN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH», 2000, 11, pp. 149 - 182 [Scientific article]

Jacoboni I.; Martelli P.L.; Fariselli P.; Compiani M.; Casadio R., Predictions of protein segments with the same aminoacid sequence and different secondary structure: A benchmark for predictive methods, «PROTEINS», 2000, 41, pp. 535 - 544 [Scientific article]

Sirangelo I.; Tavassi S.; Martelli P.L.; Casadio R.; Irace G., The effect of tryptophanyl substitution on folding and structure of myoglobin, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY», 2000, 267, pp. 3937 - 3945 [Scientific article]

Bismuto E.; Martelli P.L.; Casadio R.; Irace G., Tryptophanyl fluorescence lifetime distribution of hyperthermophilic β-glycosidase from molecular dynamics simulation: A comparison with the experimental data, «PROTEIN SCIENCE», 2000, 9, pp. 1730 - 1742 [Scientific article]

Compiani M.; Fariselli P.; Martelli P.L.; Casadio R., Neural networks to study invariant features of protein folding, «THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY ACCOUNTS», 1999, 101, pp. 21 - 26 [Scientific article]

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