Foto del docente

Patrizia Sandri

Associate Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/03 Methodologies of Teaching and Special Education


Research activity

The current research concentrates mainly on pedagogy and didactic issues related to: learning processes in students with disabilities (in particular, mathematics and conventional time); research methodology for inclusive education; pedagogy of marginality and juvenile deviance.

In particular, these are the themes of research: "Hey! Teachers, do not leave the kids alone "(Erasmus plus); "Discalculya and Inclusion"; ""Territories doing school. Inclusion and teaching practices: a research/ action on school dropout in secondary schools of the city of Bologna " "The role and functions of the school educator". He has investigated: "Inclusive teacher training in the Bachelor of Science Primary Education"; "Inclusive teacher training in TFA 2014/2015 courses", promoted by the GM Bertin Education Department of Bologna"; "Work integration of people with complex disabilities";  "Quality of School Integration" promoted by the Emilia Romagna Region (with Andrea Canevaro and Lucia Giovannini) and the "Good Practice of Educational Intervention in the Services of Juvenile Justice".