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E' disponibile da qualche settimana il libro dal titolo "Poultry Meat Quality Evaluation" pubblicato dalla prestigiosa casa editrice Elsevier.

Di seguito è riportato l'elenco dei capitoli in esso contenuti:

1. Introduction
2. Current status of poultry production worldwide

Part One: What is new in our understanding of the association between muscle structure and the basic eating qualities of cooked meat?

3. Myogenesis, muscle growth, and structure
4. Muscle metabolism and its effect on poultry meat quality
5. Developments in our understanding of water-holding capacity
6. Advances in the understanding and measurement of poultry meat texture
7. Poultry meat color and oxidation
8. Emerging myopathies and quality defects
9. Current challenges in poultry meat safety

Part Two: New techniques for measuring/predicting/producing meat quality, and how they help us minimize variability in eating quality and/or maximize value

10. Genome-wide associations with poultry meat quality (& SNP markers for poultry meat quality)
11. Proteomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics in relation to poultry meat quality
12. Raman and X-ray contrast tomography methods show heat induced changes in poultry meat

Part Three: The current qualities of consumer and public perceptions; what is sustainable, ethical, desirable and healthy

13. Poultry meat nutritive value and human health
14. Ingredient addition and impacts on quality, health, and consumer acceptance
15. Sensory perceptions and new consumer attitudes to poultry meat
16. Animal welfare and poultry meat alternative production system (& Ethics of poultry meat production)

Pubblicato il: 30 agosto 2017