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Luca Laghi

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry


Laghi, Luca; Román, Eva; Lan, Qiuyu; Nieto, Juan Camilo; Canalda-Baltrons, Aleix; Poca, Maria; Sánchez-Rodríguez, Maria B; Clària, Joan; Alvarado, Edilmar; Cuyàs, Berta; Sánchez, Elisabet; Vidal, Sílvia; Guarner, Carlos; Escorsell, Àngels; Manichanh, Chaysavanh; Soriano, German, A multistrain probiotic increases the serum glutamine/glutamate ratio in patients with cirrhosis: a metabolomic analysis, «HEPATOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS», 2023, 7, Article number: e0072 , pp. 1 - 4 [Scientific article]Open Access

Laus, Fulvio; Laghi, Luca; Bazzano, Marilena; Cifone, Maria Grazia; Cinque, Benedetta; Yang, Yaosen; Marchegiani, Andrea, Donkey Colostrum and Milk: How Dietary Probiotics Can Affect Metabolomic Profile, Alkaline Sphingomyelinase and Alkaline Phosphatase Activity, «METABOLITES», 2023, 13, Article number: 622 , pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]Open Access

Zhang, Qian; Ma, Jian; Yang, Yupei; Deng, Jing; Zhu, Kaixian; Yi, Yuwen; Tang, Junni; Jiang, Xiaole; Zhu, Chenglin; Laghi, Luca, Effects of S. cerevisiae strains on the sensory characteristics and flavor profile of kiwi wine based on E-tongue, GC-IMS and 1H-NMR, «LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE», 2023, 185, Article number: 115193 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]Open Access

Zhu C.; Yang Z.; Lu X.; Yi Y.; Tian Q.; Deng J.; Jiang D.; Tang J.; Laghi L., Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains on the metabolomic profiles of Guangan honey pear cider, «LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE», 2023, 182, Article number: 114816 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]Open Access

Brugaletta, Giorgio; Zampiga, Marco; Laghi, Luca; Indio, Valentina; Oliveri, Chiara; De Cesare, Alessandra; Sirri, Federico, Feeding broiler chickens with arginine above recommended levels: effects on growth performance, metabolism, and intestinal microbiota, «JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2023, 14, Article number: 33 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

Giulia Baldi, Mara Antonia Gagliano, Francesca Soglia, Fabio D'Elia, Luca Laghi, Pietro Rocculi, Massimiliano Petracci, High-Intensity Ultrasonication as an Innovative Approach for the Softening of Wooden Breast Meat in Broilers, «MEAT AND MUSCLE BIOLOGY», 2023, 7, Article number: 16092 , pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]Open Access

Brugaletta, Giorgio; Laghi, Luca; Zampiga, Marco; Oliveri, Chiara; Indio, Valentina; Piscitelli, Raffaela; Pignata, Stefano; Petracci, Massimiliano; De Cesare, Alessandra; Sirri, Federico, Metabolic and microbiota response to arginine supplementation and cyclic heat stress in broiler chickens, «FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY», 2023, 14, Article number: 1155324 , pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]Open Access

Zhu, Chenglin; Zhang, Qian; Zhao, Xin; Yang, Zhibo; Yang, Falong; Yang, Yang; Tang, Junni; Laghi, Luca, Metabolomic Analysis of Multiple Biological Specimens (Feces, Serum, and Urine) by 1H-NMR Spectroscopy from Dairy Cows with Clinical Mastitis, «ANIMALS», 2023, 13, Article number: 741 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Giordani, Barbara; Abruzzo, Angela; Parolin, Carola; Foschi, Claudio; Laghi, Luca; Marangoni, Antonella; Luppi, Barbara; Vitali, Beatrice, Prebiotic Activity of Vaginal Lactobacilli on Bifidobacteria: from Concept to Formulation, «MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM», 2023, 11, Article number: e0200922 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]

Fiore, E; Lisuzzo, A; Laghi, L; Harvatine, K J; Mazzotta, E; Alterisio, M C; Ciaramella, P; Zhu, C; Contiero, B; Faillace, V; Guccione, J, Serum metabolomics assessment of etiological processes predisposing ketosis in water buffalo during early lactation, «JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE», 2023, 106, pp. 3465 - 3476 [Scientific article]Open Access

Laus, Fulvio; Gialletti, Rodolfo; Bazzano, Marilena; Laghi, Luca; Dini, Fabrizio; Marchegiani, Andrea, Synovial Fluid Metabolome Can Differentiate between Healthy Joints and Joints Affected by Osteoarthritis in Horses, «METABOLITES», 2023, 13, Article number: 913 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]Open Access

Severgnini, Marco; Morselli, Sara; Camboni, Tania; Ceccarani, Camilla; Laghi, Luca; Zagonari, Sara; Patuelli, Giulia; Pedna, Maria Federica; Sambri, Vittorio; Foschi, Claudio; Consolandi, Clarissa; Marangoni, Antonella, A Deep Look at the Vaginal Environment During Pregnancy and Puerperium, «FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR AND INFECTION MICROBIOLOGY», 2022, 12, Article number: 838405 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Brugaletta G.; De Cesare A.; Laghi L.; Manfreda G.; Zampiga M.; Oliveri C.; Perez-Calvo E.; Litta G.; Lolli S.; Sirri F., A multi-omics approach to elucidate the mechanisms of action of a dietary muramidase administered to broiler chickens, «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2022, 12, Article number: 5559 , pp. 1 - 19 [Scientific article]Open Access

Lisuzzo A.; Laghi L.; Faillace V.; Zhu C.; Contiero B.; Morgante M.; Mazzotta E.; Gianesella M.; Fiore E., Differences in the serum metabolome profile of dairy cows according to the BHB concentration revealed by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-NMR), «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2022, 12, Article number: 2525 , pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]Open Access

Zhu C.; Jin L.; Luo B.; Zhou Q.; Dong L.; Li X.; Zhang H.; Huang Y.; Li C.; Zou L.; Laghi L., Dominant Components of the Giant Panda Seminal Plasma Metabolome, Characterized by 1H-NMR Spectroscopy, «ANIMALS», 2022, 12, Article number: 1536 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

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