The University today: numbers and innovation - 2016

The presence throughout the territory, the international outlook, the research, the programme catalogue, the information services: in these and many other areas, today the Alma Mater paves the way for innovation.
brochure 2016

5:  the Campuses (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna e Rimini)

11: the Schools of the University of Bologna.

33: the Departments of the University of Bologna.

12: the Research and Training Centre.

11,000: (average) number of research products, 200 patents, 80 funded research projects (H2020), 10 SIR projects (Scientific Independence of Young Researcher), 7 Inter-departmental Centres for Industrial research (CIRI).

84,724: the students who have chosen the University of Bologna (A.Y. 2015/16), making it the most popular university in Italy. Teaching and extra-curricular activities take place in 1,150,721.63 m2 of space in the campuses of Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini.

210: Degree Programmes (A.Y. 2016/17): 92 first cycle 3-year programmes, 106 second cycle programmes and 12 single cycle programmes.

61: International degree programmes, 36 of which are delivered in English.

41: PhD programmes (A.Y. 2015/16), 37 specialisation schools, 76 first and second level professional master's programmes, 13 of which are international.

2,625: international students from abroad on exchange programmes and 2,725 students enrolled at UNIBO who spent a study period abroad in 2016.

5,856 people: the university community of teaching and services staff.

The library system offers access to 48,656 on-line journals, 179,058 e-books and more than 666 databases.

1,100 wi-fi access points, 2 server farms with more than 250 virtual servers.